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I was born and raised right here in Portland.  Growing up in the wonderful Pacific Northwest deeply instilled a love of light.  I came to recognize the beauty in the clouds and the sunlight.  This love of light paired well with my fascination of photography- the ability to capture a moment in time had me in awestruck.  Once my dad gave me my first Nikon SLR, there was no turning back.  Every penny saved went to the purchase of film and photo paper.  In college, I studied fine art photography and could spend hours in a darkroom processing film and making prints.


Nowadays you won’t find me in darkroom, but rather chasing around my two boys, always with a camera (and latte) in hand.  My children are my muse, and I am unapologetic in the hundreds of photos I take of them.  Let me use my experience to capture memories for you! I love creating heartfelt images that you will be able to treasure for years to come. 

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