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July 2023

🎉🌟 July, you’ve been an absolutely incredible month, packed with so many memorable moments! From quality time spent with family and friends to exciting travel adventures, this month has been a true treasure trove of joy and cherished memories. 🌈❤️

I celebrated another trip around the sun, turning 36 years old! 🎂 Thank you all for the heartwarming birthday wishes and for making my day extra special. Your love and support mean the world to me! 🥰

And the music lover in me couldn’t have asked for a better highlight - I got to experience the Taylor Swift concert! Her captivating performance left me singing along, dancing, and feeling every emotion in the lyrics. Music has a unique way of bringing us all together! ✨🎶

But amidst all the joy, I also poured my heart and soul into my work. 💼🏡 I’m incredibly proud to share that I achieved a spot in the top five closings on my real estate team @nickshiversteam Helping my clients fi

nd their dream homes and witnessing their happiness is why I do what I do. Thank you all for your trust and support! 🙏🏼💫

This month has been a beautiful mix of love, laughter, hard work, and gratitude. As I reflect on these moments, I’m filled with immense appreciation for the blessings in my life. July, you’ve been truly amazing, and I’m excited to carry this positive energy into the months ahead! 💖

Here’s to making more unforgettable memories a

nd continuing to embrace the journey of life with open arms!

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